Uses of Hong Kuai Essential Oil

Good news to essential oil lovers! There is an additional essential oil addition to our growing line of products: The Hong Kuai essential oil is now permanently available as a 5-ml single oil of Young Living Essential Oils. It was first introduced as part of the 2013 Exotic Oil Collection.

Hong Kuai was used as a sacred lumber for building temples and shrines because of its woody aroma. It is also known as “the respected trees for the temple-building society”. It is a treasured tree that can be found in the rainforest of Taiwan. Here is the list of how to use Hong Kuai essential oil that helps support an increased spiritual awareness and inspires clarity, intuition and action.

Everyday Uses

  • Diffusing Hong Kuai essential oil creates confidence and a positive emotional outlook.

  • To promote inspiration, you can put a drop of it to your sacred books or journal.

  • If you need to boost your confidence because you have to host a conference, you can inhale or apply the Hung Kuai essential oil topically to temples or heart.

  • Put a drop into your handkerchief and inhale to relieve stress.

  • Boost your confidence everywhere you go by adding a drop into your wallet or purse.

  • Men can also use Hong Kuai as one of the ingredients of their cologne. Just mix 2 drops of Hong Kuai, 1 drop of Ylang Ylang, and 2 dops of Idaho Blue Spruce. This mixture will empower a greater confidence and perseverance for every man.

Experience Hong Kuai and boost your confidence!

SOURCE: Young Living Blog

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