Use Slique™ and Stay Sleek, Enjoy These Special Holiday Treats

It is easy to gain, but hard to lose weight. It is easy to overindulge than to resist holiday treats, isn’t it. Here are Young Living™ products that will help you stick to a healthy diet during this holiday season. Because we all want to be healthy and fit, here is Slique™ to help you stay sleek!

Chewing Slique Gum™ before your meals helps you avoid mindless snacking. You can chew this especially during dinner preparation so that you can avoid tasting food while preparing them. It will also support your oral health. This product is a combination of natural oleoresin, essential oil and xylitol.

Taking Slique Slim Caps™ will help you feel full so that you can avoid overindulging. It is an excellent defense to eating too much during holiday season. This product promotes feelings of satiation because it has dietary fiber that absorbs up to 50 times its weight in water.

Slique Tea™ helps support a healthy lifestyle as it is a perfect alternative to unhealthy sugary beverages. A perfect way to start your day! This tea contains tea catechins, a rare blend of natural ingredients.

Reduce your appetite with Slique Essence™. It is a unique combination of pure essential oils.

Slique Bars™ are delicious snacks that you can eat when you feel hungry. It will help you feel fuller longer. This snack contains potato skin extract.

Get your Slique™ products now! Each of these products is a wonderful treat, not just for your New Year resolution, but throughout the whole year!Experience all of these products that are included with the new Slique Sampler Kit™. This cost-effective bundle of healthy products is featured in Young Living’s holiday catalog. It is also a perfect gift to help your family and friends stay healthy and fit during this holiday celebration!

SOURCE: Young Living Blog
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