The Pigmentation Problem

Fairness has almost been an obsession in women with a darker skin. So much so, that an entire industry flourishes just by developing and manufacturing a series of fairness enhancing products, from creams and lotions to even bars and soaps.

However, the majority of such people, especially women do not realize that what has caused their complexion to be on the darker side is not an external problem, but the result of a natural phenomenon. As you might know, the process and volume of pigmentation in the skin determines the kind of complexion you have. The host of fairness creams you might be using can definitely give you a temporary glow, but they definitely can’t manage to alter this natural balance in your skin.

Besides, as nature suggests, it is always wise to respect the way God has made you and try to maintain that, instead of going in for complete alterations, in the face of false notions and beliefs.

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