New and Improved Formula Life 5

Everyone wants to have a healthy body. And we are always searching for ways on how to support our health and wellness. People do this through probiotics, products that deliver “good” bacteria to the digestive tracks. By improving nutrient absorption and waste elimination, these good bacteria help support the digestive and immune system.

But not all probiotics are created equally. That’s why we should always remember two things: (1) We should seek active, or live, strains. (2) We should know that different strains offer different benefits. Young Living dedicated many years of research into creating a probiotic product with great benefits. They created Life 5, a supplement with a high potency combination of five preferred bacteria strains.

Life 5 contains preferred, active strains of bacteria, and improved stability and potency. Changing the gelatin softgel to a new, smaller, delayed-release Licaps capsule was the most important improvement to this product. This new capsule was designed to bypass the gut while delivering beneficial bacteria strains to the digestive tract. And to better protect Life 5 from harmful oxygen and moisture after use, Young Living switched to a new metal bottle cap.

Here’s the list of improved benefits of Life 5:

  • Increased of 10 billion (from 8 billion) higher active culture count.

  • Allows more cultures to directly enter the digestive tract by improving efficacy of the product.

  • Better protects the opened product from harmful oxygen and moisture by improving its stability.

Young Living was successful in improving an already excellent product without an increase of cost. Through these changes, Young Living was able to achieve their goal in improving the stability and potency of this product. Experience good health! Improve your digestive and your immune systems. Try this improved beneficial Life 5 probiotic product from Young Living!

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