Feel Christmas Spirit In Your Home

Don’t we love the festive aromas of cinnamon and citrus in our home during holiday season! Discover new aromatic holiday scents and create new holiday memories with Young Living’s most popular essential oil blends: Christmas Spirit and Thieves.

It’s never too late! It is December and you can still avail yourself of Young Living’s most valuable reward packages. When your December order reaches 300 PV, Young Living will send you a 15-ml bottle each of Christmas Spirit and Thieves. Not only that, we also give you a $20 enrollment coupon and a 30-pack of Slique Slim Caps to help you stay healthy and fit. You will receive the free oils plus the coupon when your order reaches 250 PV (about $250). Or you can get the free Christmas Spirit and Thievesoils with an order of 190 PV.

These products will bring joy to your home and to your heart!

Experience the aroma of Christmas Spirit and feel reassured, purified, joyful and nostalgic. Bring the warm Spirit of Christmas home by adding a few drops onto firewood prior to burning. Diffuse this special holiday oil with a Young Living diffuser

Uplift your spirit this holiday season with the amazing smell of Thieves. And at the same time protect yourself from colds. Create an herbaceous scent throughout your home by adding a drop of Thieves onto a cotton ball and place it in your air vent.

Do you want to avoid the usual weight gain this holiday? You don’t need to avoid holiday treats! The Slique Slim Caps will help you keep your weight-management goals on track. This product is a unique combination of dietary fibers, essential oils and other specialized ingredients that will help you feel full and don’t need to eat too much.

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Source: Young Living blog

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