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Why Do Essential Oils Work In Humans?

By Edward Close, PhD, PE
and Jacquelyn Close, RA
Editor's Note on MOLD: Edward Close, PhD, has studied mold and mold-related illness extensively to understand why essential oils have such a dramatic affect on mold, fungi, and bacteria. Here is Dr. Close ...

As a scientist, I ask a lot of questions and have a natural curiosity about why things work the way they do. For years I have quietly read and listened to many others talk about essential oils and what these tiny miracles of God's creation do. Indeed, I and my family have experienced many benefits from their usage, however, I have never been fully satisfied with the answers or explanations about why essential oils work in the human body.

I have heard D. Gary Young say that essential oils are the life blood of the plant, but while blood is essential to human life, and I can see that essential oils serve a similar purpose in plants as blood does in the human body, we are not plants. So what is the connection? Why should oils extracted from plant material be so beneficial to human beings?

Gary Young points out that essential oils are highly concentrated, they serve to carry vital nutrients to cells, they cleanse cells and receptor sites and oxygenate the blood. That is intriguing and I can see that due to their ability to transport oxygen into the system, essential oils may have similar effects as hyperbaric chambers in providing freely available oxygen to cells and tissue.

Hyperbaric chambers are used to reduce pain and promote rapid healing of wounds and sores by increasing the oxygen available to the cells, which in turn keeps the cells alive and well. I have seen similar results when using oils on wounds our son received during a motorcycle accident. The science is not there yet, but this certainly helped me understand the potential reason for why they work for humans.

My life-long friend, Dr. David Stewart, told me that essential oils have tiny molecules that penetrate the skin and their organic chemical compositions are intriguingly complex. I understand from the chemistry that the compounds of essential oils can be utilized by humans to accomplish certain tasks, but that still did not quite satisfy my curiosity or fully answer the question:

Why do Essential Oils Work and Work So Well for Humans?

To my surprise, studying mold and mold- related illness, and understanding why oils have such a dramatic affect on mold, fungi, and bacteria has supplied the answer to this long-puzzling question.

Perhaps you are not fully aware of what fungi, or molds and especially toxic molds, do to the human body.

Mold Health Symptoms

Fungi can cause health problems to both humans and animals by several different biological mechanisms: infections, allergenic or hypersensitivity reactions, irritant reactions, toxic reactions, and in certain cases they can even cause death.

In fact there were 16 infants who died in an area near Cleveland, Ohio, and the only commonality found among the cases was that all the houses where the infants had lived contained high levels of a toxic mold called Stachybotrys chartarum.

According to a 2004 University of Connecticut Health Center report, the following symptoms have been found through scientific investigation to result from exposure to mold and toxic molds:
Allergies, asthma, bleeding lungs, breathing difficulties, cancer, central nervous system problems, recurring colds, chronic coughing, coughing up with blood, dandruff problems (chronic) that do not go away despite the use of anti-dandruff shampoos, death, dermatitis, skin rashes, diarrhea, eye and vision problems, fatigue (chronic, excessive, or continued),

general malaise, flu symptoms (chronic), sudden hair loss, headaches, hemorrhagic pneumonitis, hives, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, irritability, itching (of the nose, mouth, eyes, throat, skin or any other area), kidney failure, learning difficulties, mental dysfunction, personality changes, memory loss or memory difficulties, open sores and lacerations of the skin,

peripheral nervous system effects, redness of the sclera (the white of your eyes), runny nose (rhinitis) or thick, green slime coming out of nose (from sinus cavities), seizures, sinus congestion, sinus problems, chronic sinusitis, skin redness, sleep disorders, sneezing fits, sore throat, tremors (shaking), verbal dysfunction (trouble in speaking), vertigo (feelings of dizziness, light-headedness, faintness and unsteadiness), and vomiting.
We are surrounded by mold and fungi. They are found everywhere on planet Earth. The geologic record informs us that molds have existed perhaps a billion years longer than humans. Mold is a hardy, long-lived, secure life form that was originally thought to be a part of the plant kingdom.

Then, it was discovered that fungi, or molds, are not bacteria, not viruses, not plants, and not animals. They are entirely different. In the 1960's, scientists recognized molds as their own kingdom -- the Fungi Kingdom.

So, if they are everywhere, what can we do?

Horror stories of toxic mold exposure abound and yet the very things recommended to address the problems of mold are either prohibitively expensive or they are just as toxic and hazardous to human health, even potentially lethal, and often they simply do not work.

Consider this... When a living organism dies, plant or animal, numerous micro organisms including mold attack the body in order to break it down into various organic compounds, some of which the organisms, these scavengers, use as food. This is a natural process that continually recycles life and materials found on planet earth.

The difference between fungi and the scavengers we usually think of, such as vultures, is that fungi (molds) do not care whether you are alive or dead, they are attacking you all the time. Right now, in fact. They are doing what they do best, trying to reduce you to useable food stuff!

Fungi do the same thing with plants. Plant materials are primarily cellulose -- the most delectable of foods to fungi. If plants did not have a way to ward off these fungi and also bacterial attacks, they would have become extinct ages ago. And what is it that has preserved the plants? It is the essential oils.

Essential oils were created, at least in part, to serve as or to strengthen the plant's immune system. One of an essential oil's primary responsibilities is destruction of fungi and bacteria that would otherwise destroy the plant.

The real point here is that these wondrous essential oils were designed specifically to attack, kill and destroy the organisms that damage or hinder the full expression of a joyous, healthful life and they are designed to minimize and prevent damage to higher order living organisms.

That is why oils are so beneficial to humans, that is why they work so well for humans, they destroy the organisms that would do us harm and they apparently do not destroy the organisms that are there to help us.

In recent scientific investigations, I have collected scientific data on the results of using a proprietary blend of essential oils to remediate toxic mold. That data, which was collected from several sites infested with toxic molds, is now available in a DVD entitled: Toxic Mold - A Breakthrough Discovery.

A companion book will soon be available that provides additional scientific evidence that diffusing this wonderful blend of essential oils is the best defense available today against mold and toxic molds. This special blend of oils is not harmful to humans or pets, but instead offers great support to health and wellness.

As for the health benefits, well they say the "proof is in the pudding," and in my case the pudding is my health. I will soon be 70 years old and I am healthier today than I was 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. My wife, Jacqui, and I have used these oils in our home and in our offices for about 7 years. I am happy to tell you that I have not had the flu or a debilitating cold in all that time. God is great! And so are Essential Oils.

Edward Close has a PhD in environmental science and engineering. He is a Professional Engineer in the State of Missouri, and has worked in the environmental industry since 1965.

Jacquelyn Close is a Registered Aromatherapist and has used and taught Alternative and Complimentary Techniques (ACT) for health and wellness since 1975.


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