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An Open Letter to Parents


Protecting your family
against lethal infectious disease

by Jim Lynn

Dear Parent,

As a father of two wonderful children, I know how your heart must feel whenever you watch your children suffer from sudden illness. This is why I am writing to you, to help you avoid an inevitable, forthcoming unspeakable suffering.

This letter is to inform you of an infectious disease outbreak headed your way...The outbreak is inevitable and will be deadly, but you can safeguard your family against it...This letter will give you clinical proven information on how.

If I never write another word, I will count getting this letter published and into your hands as one of my most valuable contributions during my walk on earth. Please take time to read every word, then pass this letter along to other parents...Do it for the sake of the children.

In just a moment ...

Note: In just a moment, I am going to tell you how you can get RARE PHOTOGRAPHIC images of a most AMAZING sight, one that every family on earth should see ... The death of an antibiotic-proof, killer bacteria and more importantly ... what it was that killed it ... microscopic visual proof that YOU can protect and save your family from deadly infectious disease.

This bacteria has already killed millions of people, and now threatens your family. But these photographs prove that you can safeguard your family against it. I am telling you this now and will again at the end of this letter, because the more you read about it, the more you are likely to remember and will want to see these photographs. More on the photographs later. Right now ...

Caught on the Tracks:

Imagine having your foot caught between two rail ties with the approach of a train just moments away? Alarming thought, isn't it? Sometimes we need be frightened like that, to be shook awake from our slumber.

My hope is that this letter will do just that...Shake you awake so that you can take action...because there really is a train approaching, but it isn't on the tracks. This train has taken aim at your family...It's deadly and its arrival is just moments away.

We are living through a health crisis of mind-boggling proportions. If the problem were isolated to one virus, one bacteria, we would be fortunate. Unfortunately, several infectious disease scenarios are unfolding that seem destined to all hit home at the same time.

Fueled by antibiotic overkill, trust in the pharmaceutical industry, the ever present danger of viruses, "super bugs" (antibiotic resistant bacteria), and lack of parental training, we stand poised to witness one of history's largest population kill-offs ever recorded.

The thing that makes this so sad, is not that we must face this crisis, but that so many millions of families may lose loved ones needlessly. Government and health officials can be relied upon to echo the status quo and will not provide the answers we need. Their assistance in the matter will only deepen this pending tragedy.

Antibiotic-Proof Super Bugs:

Infectious diseases once thought of as conquered, are coming back with an unstopable vengeance. Antibiotics, those modern day wonder drugs, have lost their punch. The bugs have learned how to beat them by changing their genetic make-up.

With their survival instincts in full swing, bacteria of all kinds are mutating, time after time, to render the latest drug weapons useless. (1) You know those new antibacterial liquid soaps on the market? Would you believe many forms of bacteria have already become resistant to them as well?

The magnitude of the problem is startling. At least two dozen kinds of bacteria have developed total immunity to one or more antibiotics. Some bacterial strains, like the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, are resistant to over 100 different drugs.

Other strains of bacteria that are the cause of many childhood diseases like meningitis, scarlet fever and pneumonia are fast on their way to becoming totally immune to any drug intervention. The possibility that these common childhood diseases might become totally unresponsive to treatment is a parents worst nightmare.

About 19,000 people died in 1992 from bacterial infections that COULDN'T BE TREATED with antibiotics. (2) In 1997 that number climbed to over 60,000. (3) This ranks untreatable bacterial infections as the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S.A. The morbidity number keeps climbing. (4)

This is why you need to get informed, to learn what is happening and what kind of action you need to take to protect your family.

Doomsday Flu - The Big One is Close

In any given year, flu viruses kill an estimated 20,000 people. But in 1918, a swine based influenza outbreak killed more than 25 million people worldwide. A 1957 outbreak of an Asian flu strain caused 100,000 deaths.

And in 1968, a Hong Kong strain killed 34,000 in it's first few months. Sadly, the vaccines that were used against these latter viruses were of low potency and did too little too late. The viruses essentially were unaffected by human intervention (5), which is the norm.

The nature of influenza viruses' is that they are constantly evolving. That we have gone so long (over 30 years) without a major new viral strain outbreak, suggests to experts that we are long overdue.

Stephen Morse, director of the program in Emerging Diseases at Columbia University's School of Public Health said, "We all have the emotional sense that we've been lucky so far. And I think everyone feels that, you know, it's there...it's brewing. What is tragic is that we cannot predict it...We're all waiting." (6)

Dr. Robert Webster, a virologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, believes the 1918 outbreak was a babe in the woods, compared to what has been dubbed the "doomsday flu" he and his fellows are waiting for. He also believes it is imminent.

Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine believes there are MANY new viral strains in the evolutionary pipeline, and that there is every reason to believe one or more of them will make the record books. Again...This is why you need to get informed, to learn what is happening and what kind of action you need to take to protect your family.

Like a Runaway Train:

Know something? We live pampered lives, don't we? We lounge, watching on average over 5 hours of Television a day. We live our lives as though there is no tomorrow. If we have a problem, we expect it to be fixed within 30 minutes, because that's how long most TV sitcoms take to solve problems.

We have a wide choice of foods to select from, but choose out of ease and convenience to eat "fast" foods, foods which require little or no preparation. When we go grocery shopping, we expect to see the shelves stocked with food. When we go driving, we expect to find gasoline at any gas station. If we need cash, we expect the cash machine to dispense money.

When we get up in the morning, we expect our body to be in good health. But when we do get sick, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we expect doctors, health clinics, or the government to take care of us and make us well.

We are pampered souls all right, spoiled so badly, we have lost sight of reality in many cases. Not only is the general public unaware of any health disaster on the horizon, they would have a hard time grasping it, even if it was explained to them. Really bad news doesn't click. It's as though the public has filters that screens out what it doesn't want to hear.

It has never dawned on the populace at large that the spread of infectious disease is on the increase and out of control, that it is racing like a runaway freight train, about to explode on the world scene ... and no doctor, health clinic or government will be able to stop or control it.

Few health officials have publicly stated it, but from all published accounts, we seem to be headed on a collision course with either a doomsday flu virus or super bugs no longer subject to antibiotics ... or both. The question isn't one of if, but when.

People who rely on the nightly news to warn them about timely health information will be too late. Viruses and bacteria travel faster than TV news and can jump time zones as easily as flying coach rate.

When it happens, people will feel fine one moment, sick the next, and be dead by the following morning. It can and will happen just that fast. For many others, they will suffer a lingering illness before death overtakes them.

And so it is that one day soon, the world's populace will watch helplessly as death, moving across the land from house to house, will take loved ones from families without regard to color, wealth or position. Government health officials will not be able to stop it, but YOU can! This horror does not have to happen to those who know...Those who are prepared.

What Every Parent Should Know:

Viruses, bacteria and fungi may have so called "modern" medicine over a barrel, but not so for a little known research laboratory tucked away in Utah, and a dedicated researcher named Sue Chao. Her clinical findings will stand the world's health community on its head, but unfortunately, not before many millions more people are needlessly killed.

NOTE: The simple reason for a high death rate has to do with money. Antibiotics and vaccines are a multi-billion dollar a year business. Pharmaceutical drug companies intend to keep their market share, irregardless of the death count, and will use their influence to insure their products are used by AMA and government run clinics.

But Sue Chao has good news ... When essential oils (natural plant oils) are sprayed (diffused) in an enclosed atmosphere, a KILLING ZONE is created in which no known airborne infectious pathogen can survive. (7)

The oils even proved deadly against "super bugs," those antibiotic resistant bad guys. Keep in mind we're talking about bacteria species like Streptococcus pneumoniae which is already immune to 35% of available drugs, and which has killed thousands this year alone.

This is the very bug which causes large cases of pneumonia, sinusitis, meningitis and middle ear infection in thousands of households annually, yet simply self-destructs when exposed to certain essential oils.

That microbes mutate and become immune to drugs is well known. However, no infectious disease-causing microbe has ever been known to mutate against essential oils. This is exciting news if you are raising children ... Essential oils are proving superior and safer then antibiotics and vaccines.

Once word of this research becomes widely known, essential oils will become the primary medicine of choice for millions of families in the 21st century. They are available, and most importantly ... THEY WORK!

Turn Your Home Into a Pathogenic Killing Zone:

The quickest, most effective (clinical proven), method to knock out airborne infectious pathogens is to diffuse essential oil in the atmosphere of your home, creating a micro-fine vapor or spray.

Because these molecule size vapors are so light, they remain suspended for up to several hours, killing airborne viruses, bacteria and fungus on contact. The more the oils are diffused, the greater their killing power.

You already know diffusing isn't going to stop contamination outside of your home, but consider this ... Once within the killing zone of your home, everyone, pets included, will inhale these essential oil vapors as they breathe. As the vapors reach the interior of the respiratory tract, the chemical molecules of the oil go to work against any invaders and penetrate into the blood stream.

This is especially important because normal breathing will draw in oils which follow the same path as any pathogen would. In this manner, the whole body benefits as the oils kill invaders attached to the inner respiratory lining, and work synergistically with the body's defenses ... A wonderful natural healing modality.

The most common diffusers consist of an air pump, oil well and a glass nebulizer connected by flexible air tubing. The pump can be set on the floor or under an end table out of sight. Many people hook diffusers up to a timer, which allows it to turn on and off automatically. A good one is easy to dis-assemble to clean.

There are many diffusers on the market, but you need one that will cover large areas in a hurry. Avoid the novelty diffusers that only work in small areas. An investment in a good diffuser that covers up to 1200 square feet of living area will run from $70 to $120. See below.

Some Helpful Tips:

Diffuse every morning and afternoon. Diffuse before the kids head off to school. This will place essential oil vapors into their respiratory tracts and provide them with a kind of protective shield. Diffuse in the afternoon after they return from school to kill any airborne pathogens on their clothes or from those they may have recently inhaled. Do this faithfully ... you'll soon notice a big difference in the overall health of your children, as well as yourself.

Now look, I am not trying to say diffusing essential oils will keep your kids from ever coming down sick with an infectious disease. What I am saying is that you can prevent many sickness from happening that would have happened, had you not had a diffuser running in your home.

A consensus of thought from thousands of parents who do diffuse the oils on a daily basis is that their children recover about 70% faster when they do get sick, then they would if they didn't use a diffuser. The important thing to remember is that the more often you diffuse, the less chance you stand of ever having to face a potentially deadly situation. In the case of an outbreak, the value of diffusing is priceless.

Amazing Photographs:

Microscopic photographs taken during Ms. Chao's clinical trials offer the kinds of dramatic proof parents want to know about. Clinical data is one thing, but detailed, microscopic photographs showing both before and after close-ups of lethal micro-organisms give assurances people can relate to.

Remember the Streptococcus Pneumonia bacteria I mentioned earlier that has killed millions of people. I want you to see what physically happens to this killer when it comes in contact with essential oils ... Click here to see VISUAL PROOF that essential oils really do kill these antibiotic-proof pathogenic killers.

The world is moving toward a dooms day flu, an infectious disease pandemic, or both. It will happen. It took me a long time to realize what health officials have been saying ... That it is only a matter of time, and that there is nothing that can stop or prevent it. But there IS an answer, and a way to beat it.

I appeal to you. Turn your home into a pathogenic killing zone. Make your home a place of refuge from the outside world of infectious disease.

From our house to yours, thank you for caring.
Please pass this letter to other parents.

Jim Lynn

Diffusing Essential Oils


"In tests conducted in France by Professor Griffon, Director of the French Police Toxicology Laboratory, the antiseptic effect of a blend of essential oils, including pine, thyme, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, cloves and cinnamon, was studied in order to test the ability of the oils to purify the air of harmful disease-causing bacteria.

Professor Griffon set up a number of Petri dishes approximately 15 cm from ground level in an open room, allowing them to stand for 24 hours, the germs from the air being collected naturally as they settled into the open Petri dishes.

After 24 hours he analyzed the dishes, finding them to contain 210 colonies of various microbes, including molds and staphylococci. He then sprayed the mixture of essential oils in the form of an aerosol into the air in the room.

After only 15 minutes, only 14 colonies of micro-organisms out of the original 210 were left alive. After 30 minutes, only 4 colonies of the original 210 were left. Importantly, all of the potentially harmful disease-causing molds and staphylococci had been killed within the first 30 minutes."

(Excerpt from Bio/Tech News; Nature's Amazing Healing Oils) P.O. Box 30568, Parkrose Center, Portland, OR 97294

Diffusing Essential Oils

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