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Frequently Asked Questions
About NingXia Red™ Juice

Question: Why are Ningxia Gojiberries better than other Chinese gojiberries?

Answer: While there are several species of gojiberries or wolfberries, only Lycium Barbarum (Ningxia Wolfberry) has been extensively researched because it has the highest levels of immune-stimulating polysaccharides, phytochemicals, antioxidants and proteins ... as well as more vitamin C and calcium than any fruit or vegetable.

In fact, the Ningxia Wolfberry is one of the world's most researched whole foods and recent studies published in the Journal of American Nutraceutical Association (JANA) confirm it's awesome Immunomodulatory Effects.

In addition, local residence of the Ningxia province, where gojiberries are consumed daily, are living disease-free and decades longer than the general Chinese population. As a result, Ningxia Gojiberries have been declared a "National Treasure" .

They are organically grown in China's "herbal medicine valley" (enriched by pure glacier water) and have earned the prestigious "Green Certificate" which is the equivalent to our USDA's "Organic" certification.

Finally, according to ORAC tests (measure of antioxidant capacity), Ningxia Wolfberries are more antioxidant-rich than any fruit or vegetable ever tested. They are a true super food.

Question: Why is NingXia Red Juice better than other health juices like Noni, Xango and Goji?

Answer: The most accurate measure of the nutritional value of a whole food (including fruit juice) is it's antioxidant capacity. This can now be measured by the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) test developed by USDA researchers at their food science lab at Tufts University.

According to recent (2004) tests, NingXia Red Juice ranked #1 of all juices tested with ORAC scores which were about 250% higher than Xango, Nono or Gogi and other health juices. NingXia Red Juice's ORAC score for one serving (2 ounces) was an astonishing 2620 while the health juice scores were: Xango at 1100, Tahitian Noni at 1000, and Himalayan Goji at 800.

In fact, one serving of NingXia Red Juice was found to be the antioxidant equivalent of 7.5 mixed servings of fruits & vegetables. This was determined by comparing NingXia Red's score of 2620 to the test score of 5 mixed servings of Fruits & Vegetables which was 1670.

Due to it's super juice synergy (60% Ningxia Wolfberry + Blueberry + Apricot + Pomegranate + Raspberry), NingXia Red Juice it is the most antioxidant-rich whole food product ever tested.

Question: Is it OK for children to drink NingXia Red Juice?

Answer: While NingXia Red Juice is indeed a potent (non-diluted) blend of 5 fruit juices, it is as safe for children as eating a wholesome fruit cocktail. In fact, the NingXia Red Juice promo DVD concludes with Gary Young's 3 year-old son downing a 2 ounce glass of the juice.

However, while it is always safe to drink NingXia Red Juice in small amounts, many adults and children prefer to dilute it (like other juices) by adding 3 parts water to 1 part juice.

Question: How does NingXia Red Juice taste?

Answer: NingXia Red Juice has a delicious and robust live fruit juice taste. Besides combining 5 of the world's best tasting fruit juices into one awesome blend, NingXia Red Juice also contains agave, a nutritious low glycemic plant extract which serves as a natural sweetener.

In addition, the essential oils of lemon and lime add nutrition and flavor and act as a natural preservative. The ultimate taste testers are children and seniors ... both love the taste of NingXia Red Juice.

Question: How much NingXia Red Juice should a person drink on a daily basis?

Answer: We recommend at least 2 ounces per day. At that level, you'll be getting the antioxidant equivalent of 7.5 mixed servings of fruits and vegetables which is 50% more than the 5 servings recommended by the USDA for general health maintenance.

However, when sick, drinking more than 2 ounces may help lessen the severity of symptoms and shorten their duration.

Question: How long will it take to see or feel results from drinking NingXia Red Juice?

Answer: Everyone has different nutritional needs based on their physiology and lifestyle. People with compromised immunity due to poor eating habits and continuous exposure to stress often get immediate benefits from drinking NingXia Red Juice.

Others, with normal immune response and nutritional needs may have to wait a few weeks before getting recognizable results.

The wonderful thing about NingXia Red Juice is that it always provides high levels of essential nutrients and disease fighting antioxidants in a delicious, convenient and cost effective manner. It's your nutritional insurance against environmental toxins, poor diet and stressful lifestyle.

Question: What are the noticeable benefits of drinking NingXia Red Juice?

Answer: The most commonly reported benefits from drinking NingXia Red Juice include the following: more energy, improved (or regained) mental clarity, less fatigue, less sickness, less need for sleep, and an overall feeling of vitality and wellness.

In addition, many people say that drinking NingXia Red Juice instead of other sugary juices and soft drinks makes them feel more invigorated and less lethargic especially after meals.

Question: Is NingXia Red Juice organic?

Answer: Yes, NingXia Red Juice is organic because all of it's constituents are organic. Ningxia Wolfberries have been awarded the Chinese government's "Green Certificate" which is the equivalent of our USDA's "Organic" certification.

In addition, Young Living requires that the other fruit juices and ingredients meet similar organic cultivation criteria.

Question: Does NingXia Red Juice have to be refrigerated?

Answer: It is not necessary to refrigerate NingXia Red Juice until after it is opened. After opening, it should be kept in the refrigerator like any other whole food product.

Question: How soon should NingXia Red Juice be consumed after opening?

Answer: NingXia Red Juice has a 12 month shelf life in it's original unopened bottle. However, once the bottle has been opened, it should not be left out of the refrigerator more than an hour and should be completely consumed within 30 days.

Question: Are there preservatives in NingXia Red Juice?

Answer: Yes, NingXia Red Juice contains a minimal amount of natural preservatives. All whole food products packaged in the U.S. are required to have preservatives to protect their freshness. However, because NingXia Red Juice is "Flash-Pasteurized" and contains essential oils, the amount of preservatives required are dramatically reduced. The natural preservatives used in NingXia Red Juice are potassium sorbate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

The NingXia Red™ Wolfberry Juice tastes GREAT!

Try NingXia Red NOW!

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