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A Business Opportunity
That Brings Better Health and Better Income!

Along with the significant health benefits of NingXia Red, Young Living offers one of the most attractive compensation plans in the industry. How easy is it to earn income with NingXia Red? Read "Success with NingXia Red" to see how Young Living members are launching businesses that are SKYROCKETING!
  1. Become a product of the product.
    How? Drink NingXia Red! Be your own best customer. Use the product! Then you can share the product with passion and belief. Become a walking testimonial of the power of NingXia Red.

  2. Share your enthusiasm.
    How? Introduce this amazing product to others! Let people know that if they want to live a healthier, more energetic life, they should be drinking NingXia Red every day! Create 5-10 good customers who generate 3-5 times your monthly personal sales volume. This will give you a successful launch to your Young Living business.

    NingXia Red DVD Maintain 10-20 "wolfberry" DVDs in circulation at all times. These DVDs have been shown to be up to 99 percent effective in generating customer purchases. Increase your efforts and share the business opportunity with other ambitious people.

  3. Teach others to share.
    How? Identify those who have an interest in supplementing their income and help them through steps one and two above. The effectiveness and power of NingXia Red makes the juice simple to share and easy to market.

    Who do you know that is overworked and underpaid, is dissatisfied with their current employment, or would like to make some extra money?The quest for health and prosperity can be fulfilled with NingXia Red and Young Living Essential Oils.

  4. Become educated.
    How? Attend all company-sponsored training and events. At these training and events, you will learn how and why NingXia Red works so well. The time you invest to become educated about the product at company-sponsored events will make a remarkable difference in your sales.

    The training and events are also a GREAT opportunity for you to bring guests who will also catch the vision!

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Start | Ancient Legends | Modern Science | Facts | NingXia Red Business

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