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Titanium Cookware

Titanium Cookware

How To Order Titanium Cookware?

Below you'll find our Titanium Cookware with pictures and information about sizes. When you see a pan you like, click the respective button and the button will read "Item In Cart". If you want to check on prices right away, simply hit .

However, I recommend you place all the products you like in the cart, and then hit to compare prices. You can quickly remove items from the cart. You may also come back to this site to add more items. Or continue shopping from within the shopping cart.

Should you prefer to order over the telephone, just call Young Living directly at 1-800-371-2928 - ID# 54980. Please Note: You will be asked for a Referral ID - Use ID# 54980 - Maria Schasteen. Or call 801-418-8900 from outside the country. We ship worldwide. Have the product selection and your credit card handy when you order.

Our Titanium Cookware

Flat Titanium Frying Pans
Flat pans are especially suitable for steaks, cutlets, eggs, omelettes, fried potatoes, and quick fried foods.

titanium cookware

20x5 cm (approx. 8x2 in) Frying Pan

28x5 cm (approx. 11x2 in) Frying Pan

Glass lids sold separately - see below.

High Rim Titanium Frying Pans
These pans are excellent for dishes with sauces, such as goulash, stuffed bell peppers and tomatoes, or dumplings.

heat resistant pans

20x7 cm (approx. 8x3 in) High Rim Frying Pan

28x7 cm (approx. 11x3 in) High Rim Frying Pan

Titanium Sauce Pan
This sauce pan is well suited for preserving vitamins. Use with glass steamer - see below.

20x13 cm (approx. 8x5 in) Sauce Pan

healthy cooking titanium cookware

Oven-Resistant Steaming Insert
The 20 cm oven-resistant steaming insert allows heated steam to circulate around the meal, leaving the natural flavor, color and valuable nutrients intact.

20 cm (8 in) Glass Steamer

titanium cookware

Glass Lids
The line is completed with the oven-resistant glass covers. These high quality glass lids fit the sauce pan and the frying pans (20 cm or 8 in and 28 cm or 11 in).

frying pans

20 cm (8 in) Glass Lid

28 cm (11 in) Glass Lid

Titamium Cookware Benefits:

  • You can cook with little or no oil, fat or water.

  • Food retains maximum nutrients, enzymes and flavor. Meats are tastier, juicier and tender.

  • It has a patented, high-tech, non-stick, scratch-resistant titanium surface finish.

  • The 8 mm (0.30 in) thick thermobasic hand-cast aluminum base ensures optimum heat distribution and retention - cutting cooking time in half.

  • It's non-porous and the extremely durable titanium layer is 100% effective in preventing aluminum from leaking to the food.

  • Titanium layer also gives off indirect heat to assure a perfect cooking atmosphere.

  • Patented handles are screw-less, rivet-less ... nothing to fall or loosen. Handles, lids and knobs are oven-proof up to 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • The heat-resistant glass lids allow you to view the cooking process.

  • It's Unwarpable! It has won the prestigious German TUV independent Technical Control Association Product Safety stamp of approval for durability, quality control and GS (German Standard).

  • And it works on any stove top. Save money and time by avoiding the oven.

Debbie "I love my Titanium Cookware! I cook without oil. Eggs never stick! Unbelievable. It's my favorite pan!

My Titanium Cookware is an investment for a lifetime! It's virtually indestructible. Thank you Young Living!" ~ Debbie Allen

Maria "I love my Titanium Cookware! I cook the meat WITHOUT oil and the meat gets soft, juicy and nicely brown - and the flavor! I bought another so-called "titanium pan" from another company that was cheaper. Now I know why! It is half the weight of my favorite pan, AND ... the meat sticks, and the pan is scratched after just one use!

My Titanium Cookware is an investment for my lifetime! It's virtually indestructible. What I like most about it: I just need to rinse it under warm water - no scrubbing - and the pan is clean! Thank you Young Living!" ~ Maria Schasteen

TIP: While cooking, always put the lid on. If you see steam escaping, lower the heat. You can use oil sparingly - try cooking without oil. Always clean after each use with soapy warm water while pan is still warm, so no fatty residue will build up on the pan. You'll especially enjoy the Thieves Household Cleaner for your new pan. Any type of sharp metal utensil may mark the pan, but will not affect the performance only the appearance.

Titanium Cookware
Enjoy cooking without oil and water!

Titanium Cookware

Essential Oil Recipes

More information:

Cooking with Cast Iron or Titanium?

Cast iron cookware is an economic alternative to premium titanium cookware. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using cast iron pans compared to Young Living Titanium Cookware:
  • Cast iron pans have good heat conduction and retention.

    Titanium Pans have a cast aluminum core that conducts heat seven times faster than iron or steel! This allows for optimal heat distribution and evenly cooked meals. It allows you to cook with no oil or water, and food will not burn. And you'll be done cooking in half the time! Safe money and energy.

  • Cast iron is very durable. Some of you may have cast iron pans from your grandmother's kitchen that are still in excellent condition.

    Titanium Cookware will still be in my grandkids' kitchen, because it is virtually indestructible when used properly.

  • Cast iron pans are prone to rust if not properly treated. Never use soap in cast iron pans. To clean them, just use hot water and a plastic scouring pad. Don't use steel wool, or it could ruin the seasoning (if this happens, just re-season the pan).

    Rinse the Titanium Cookware gently with soapy water - no scrubbing necessary. The ease of cleaning is every cook's dream!

  • Properly seasoned and cared for, cast iron is just as non stick as any fancy non-stick pans, you may say. To season the cast iron pans, rub it with oil, shortening, or lard, and heat for an hour in a 300 degree oven. Then remove the pan and let it cool. You can repeat this process a couple more times to strengthen the bond of the seasoning. Why seasoning the pan? It fills in the pores in the iron with the oil, helping to prevent food from sticking and to create a protective coating.

    With Titanium Cookware there is no need to rub the pan with oil to prevent food from sticking. Our Titanium Cookware has a non-stick titanium coating with an abrasion-resistant frying surface. Cook even with no oil or water, and food will not stick.

  • Cast iron pans are very heavy.

    Our Titanium Cookware is solid but easy to handle.

  • Do not use cast iron to cook acidic foods. Cast iron is a reactive metal, and will react with the acids.

    This rule does not apply to Titanium Cookware.
You decide what pan you'd rather use. Titanium Cookware is clearly my choice when it comes to saving time and effort. There are no rules what you can or cannot do with Young Living Titanium Cookware. Used properly, your Titanium Cookware will be an investment for life. At the same time it is an investment in your life. Cook healthy, delicious and vitamin-rich meals with ...

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