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Golden Touch 1™ Oil Kit

Golden Touch Kit

Golden Touch 1™ includes:
Endo Flex, Di-Tone, Melrose, Thieves, Juva Flex, Raven, R.C.

The Golden Touch 1™ Kit provides immune protection all throughout the year. The oil blend formulas in this kit have been specifically created to take advantage of essential oil constituents that support many functions of the body. A growing number of todays professionals consider essential oils to be the missing link in health care.

Golden Touch Aromatherapy

Refer to the individual oils for benefits and instructions.

Golden Touch 1 - (#3130) - 5 ml each

Endo Flex™ | Di-Tone™ | Melrose™ | Thieves™ | JuvaFlex™ | Raven™ | R.C.™

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