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Beauty Oils - Essential Oils
Beauty Oils
Food, Medicine, Pleasure?

Essential beauty oils - prized and sacred treasure of the old - have been rediscovered in our times. Young Living has made it its mission to provide you with the very best, independently tested essential oils. Read our Guarantee!

Not all essential beauty oils are created equal! To realize the benefits reported here, you must use "therapeutic-grade" essential oils. What are Only 2% of essential oils sold world wide are therapeutic grade! Read about the Danger of Essential Oils.

One Drop At A Time ...
The essential oil molecules pass easily through your skin, muscles, veins and connective tissue to bring their physical effects within moments to the whole body! Just one drop of an essential oil can carry as powerful a message as an entire bouquet of flowers.

One drop can carry as bio-chemically complex a message as a food or a medicine, though they are neither food nor medicine. But they sometimes act as if they were! They are, in a word, mysterious. They are also unique in nature, different from any other natural product you have ever tried, enhancing every part of your body, mind, and spirit, with just one or two drops at a time.

Please note: It's really important to understand that the safety and life-changing effects of essential beauty oils are dependent entirely on their purity and their quality. Generally speaking, essential oils that you find in department stores, and even health food stores, are of uncertain quality at best. Read our Guarantee and our Warning.

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